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Transportation Occupational Accident and Contingent Liability

Submission Requirements


3 Years Prior Loss Runs

Participant Count

Owner Operator/Contract Driver Agreement with Motor Carrier


Coverage Highlights

Occupational Accident:

Accidental Death, Dismemberment and Paralysis

Survivor Benefit

Accident Medical and Dental Expenses

Temporary Total Disability (Advanced and Partial Disability Benefits are available)

Permanent Disability Benefit

Non-Occupational Accident

Additional Optional Benefits:

Occupational Disease, Cumulative Trauma, Hernia,

Pre-Existing Conditions, Passenger Coverage

Maximum Limits:

Occupational Accident Combined Single Limits up to $2 million per person

Contingent Liability:

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Employers’ Liability Benefits

Legal Defense Costs are payable outside Benefit Limits

Contingent Liability Benefits up to $2 million per person per accident

Benefits are payable as Reimbursement or Pay On Behalf of the motor carrier policyholder



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