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Equipment and Miscellaneous Property Floater

Submission Requirements


  • Fully Completed ACORD Application
  • Equipment/Property Schedule
  • 5 Year Currently Valued Loss Runs
  • Target Premiums

Can You Dig It?


Target Classes:

Contractors Equipment                   Miscellaneous Floaters               
    Excavating      Mobile Office Equipment
    Land Grading      Concessions
    Paving      Catering Equipment
    Landscaping Tools      Medical Equipment
    Plumbing      Mobile Amusement Equipment
    HVAC      Entertainment Equipment
    Misc Tools  


Product Features:

Maximum Schedule $500,000

Maximum Per Item Limit $100,000

Minimum Deductible $500

Blanket Miscellaneous Tools Option

Blanket Property Limits

Rental Reimbursement Coverage

Newly Acquired Equipment

Minimum Premium $575.00


Certain class and state restrictions apply.