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Cyber Liability/Data Breach Coverage

Cyber Liability Insurance Program

Submission Requirements:

  • Fully Completed ACORD Application
  • Fully Completed Supplemental Application
  • Insured's Website


Claims Examples:

Merchant Data Security: An investigation determined that a pizzeria was a common point of purchase for customers who experienced fraudulent credit card activity because of the merchant inferior security.

Merchant Data Security: The IT manager of an auto parts business discovered that a file which was not part of the company website was being used to steal payment and credit card information.

Higher Education: A college inadvertently sent an email to approximately 80 students that attached a file containing personal data for all of its students.

Hospital: An office employee stole medial profiles and histories with detailed personal information on 125,000 patients from a hospital.

Healthcare: A physician’s email account was hacked and all his email was automatically forwarded to an email account in Eastern Europe jeopardizing personal information for more than 3500 patients.

Higher Education: A university uncovered a security breach which allowed unauthorized individuals to access the financial aid roster and personal data of 1800 students.

Financial Institutions: Malware placed on servers in Eastern Europe belonging to an insured payment processor enabled hackers to steal credit card information and fabricate credit cards that were used to run up charges of 4 million Euros.

Lawyer: An associate who resigned from a law firm erased all accessible hard drives and removed the firm’s intellectual property and primary information from backup systems.


Who needs this coverage?

Insurance Agents, Banking/Financial Institutions, Retail Establishments, Healthcare/Hospitals, Lawyers, Restaurants/Fast Food, Hotels/Motels, Large and Small Businesses. If you or your client uses a computer they need this coverage.

Every computer and database are a target for data breach. If you store clients, social security numbers, credit card numbers, medical records, or any client and employee data, they are at risk.


Cyber Coverage Details:

  • Third-Party Loss Resulting from a Security or Data Breach.
  • Direct First-Party Costs Resulting from a Breach
  • Lost Income & Operating Expense Resulting from a Security or Data Breach
  • Threats to Disclose Data or Attack a System to Extort Money
  • Online Defamation & Copyright Trademark Infringement
  • IT Security Assessment Services Powered by IBM*
  • Training and Compliance Solutions
  • Notification, Credit and ID Monitoring
  • Risk Tool Online website that simplifies risk management process


Features & Benefits

  • End to end risk management solution providing added expertise and responsive guidance whenever companies need it most, even before a breach occurs
  • 24/7 access to Cyber breach resolution team, including claims specialist and trusted network of legal, forensics and public relations experts.
  • Experience of handling cyber-related claims for over 15 years assisting some of the largest companies respond to some of the biggest data breaches and helping more than 20 million individuals.
  • innovation that becomes clients' protection by constantly monitoring the cyber landscape and staying at the forefront of the industry as cyber risk continue to evolve
  • Tailored coverage options to ensure your Insured’s are able to promptly respond to and prevent future or more costly damages.


* Available for accounts over $10,000,000 in sales.

Infrastructure Vulnerability Scanning Powered by IBM

AutoShun: Simple proactive way of improving your security through a hardware device. Blocking in and outbound communications with "bad" IP addresses and keeping them out of your network.


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